Gwanda State University lynch bus crew

Gwanda State University - violence

GWANDA State University students beat up rogue bus touts for duping the institution.

University officials paid $900 to some touts to provide two buses for ferrying students home at the end of semester.

However, only one bus came and during the trip the touts told the students to get off before they got to their destination.

Gwanda State University

A source from the Students Representative Committee (SRC) told B-Metro how things went down.

“Two men assigned by the university were supposed to hire two buses for us, instead they hired only one and didn’t even pay for it. We also heard that when approaching the bus company they offered to pay $560 for two buses instead of the set $900, converting the rest of the money to their own use,” said the source.

During the journey to Bulawayo from Gwanda, in the middle of nowhere, the driver stopped and demanded payment.

That is when the students lost their cool.

“We were ordered to disembark because our journey had not been paid for and we got furious and dealt with the crew,” he said.

Both the driver and his crew were beaten up and shoved into the luggage compartment of their bus by the students.