ZANU PF wades into Zimbabwe Gold Currency (ZiG)

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HARARE — ZANU PF’s Harare Province has voiced its support for the introduction of the Zimbabwe Gold Currency (ZiG), hailing it as a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and foreign investment due to its stability.

In a statement issued by Cde Lancelot Chigwere, Deputy Secretary for Information and Publicity of ZANU PF Harare Province, citizens are encouraged to embrace ZiG as a means to forge a prosperous future for the nation.

“As we forge ahead on the path to economic prosperity under the Second Republic, we are excited to introduce the Zimbabwe Gold Currency (ZiG), poised to revolutionize our nation’s economic landscape,” Chigwere stated.

Highlighting the benefits of ZiG, Chigwere emphasized its backing by gold reserves, ensuring stability in value and serving as a reliable medium of exchange. He urged Zimbabweans to leverage these advantages to stimulate economic activity, generate employment opportunities, and attract foreign investment.

“A stable currency cultivates confidence in the economy, fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and trade,” Chigwere asserted, underlining the importance of ZiG in facilitating international commerce and asserting economic sovereignty.

With ZiG offering a safeguard against currency devaluation and simplifying cross-border transactions, Chigwere urged citizens to embrace this new chapter in Zimbabwe’s economic trajectory. By embracing ZiG, Zimbabweans can contribute to building a prosperous future for themselves and future generations, reducing reliance on foreign currencies and fostering economic self-sufficiency.

In urging widespread adoption of ZiG, ZANU PF Harare Province underscores its commitment to advancing economic prosperity and national development, inviting all Zimbabweans to participate in this transformative initiative.