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About Us

About Us

About The Zimbabwe Mail

The Zimbabwe Mail, popularly known as ZimMail, is one of Zimbabwe’s leading news and information websites bringing millions of readers breaking news and updates on politics, current affairs, business and economics, opinion analysis, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Sport, Health and Technology.

Our content

Content on the ZimMai is primarily generated by our team of digital journalists. Articles are also curated from various media houses, including, Zimbabwe News Agency (ZIANA) and the African News Agency, and syndication services like Reuters, Associated Press, AFP and Xinhua.

We are an online news platform serving the Zimbabwean niche market targeting and growing our loyal reader looking for informative reliable accurate news content. A reader looking to be accurately informed as soon as the news breaks out.

Our objective is a pursuit of diverse demographics groups in readership by uniting them on a one-platform-news-for-all service. We do our job without compromising third-party content. Hence, for all third-party content, we always make sure we credit the original source.

In the Zimbabwean online news market, we believe the high quality of our news platform in terms of its clear outstanding layout and easy navigation provide us with the essential unique selling points (USP) that differentiate our service in competitive this highly market.

With these business objectives, we place the emphasis on our exponential growth of this platform on the experience and value gained by our readers.

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