China dethrones US. as the most influential global power in Africa: Report

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The latest edition of the report showed China’s approval ratings are two points ahead of the U.S., indicative of the country’s soft power. The report further revealed that of the four global powers mentioned (China, the U.S., Berlin, and Russia), the U.S. was the only one not to see its image improve across Africa in 2023.

Each year, Gallup releases the Rating World Leaders report, which details the rise — or fall — in leading world powers’ job approval ratings across the globe, where the biggest gains and losses came from, and how each country stacks up.

According to the latest edition of the report, China recorded its highest leadership approval rating in Africa in a decade, with the double-digit increases in approval coming mostly from West African countries Ghana (+15 points), Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal (+14 points each).

China is currently Africa’s biggest single trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching a record $282.1 billion in 2023. The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), which spans a significant chunk of the continent and invests heavily in infrastructure projects, has clearly helped China deepen its footprint in Africa and its influence among African economies and governments.

The U.S. also saw double-digit increases in approval ratings from Ghana (+14 points), Mauritania, Cote d’Ivoire (+13 points each), Tunisia (+12 points), Mozambique (+11 points), Senegal and Ethiopia (+10 points each). Despite the positive rating in these countries, the overall median approval of the U.S. dipped by three points across the continent after its approval ratings fell sharply in Uganda (-29 points), Gambia (-21 points) and Kenya (-14 points)

The report noted an improvement in Germany’s leadership image, albeit only from 51% to 54%, placing it and the U.S. on similar footing. Russia’s leadership remained the least popular, although its median approval rating increased by eight points in 2023 to 42% — rebounding to its level in 2021.

Source: Business Insider (Africa)