Dr. Guramatunhu Scammed $108k in Cryptocurrency Deal Gone Awry

Dr. Solomon Guramatunhu and Lloyd Chiyangwa
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Dr. Solomon Guramatunhu, a globally acclaimed ophthalmologist aged 70, finds himself entangled in an alleged cryptocurrency scam amounting to US$108,000, according to state documents.

Per court records, Guramatunhu purportedly enlisted the services of Lloyd Chiyangwa to establish five cryptocurrency trading accounts on his behalf. Chiyangwa, currently in custody following a remand by a Harare Magistrate, was reportedly tasked with setting up wallets and generating corresponding passwords.

The court proceedings unveiled that Chiyangwa, based in the UK at the time, facilitated the transfer of 122,467 Matic tokens valued at US$108,924.24 from Guramatunhu’s Metamask wallet to the Waybit exchange. However, Guramatunhu’s plans to relocate the tokens to another wallet were thwarted when he discovered their absence.

Authorities suspect that Chiyangwa orchestrated the transaction using his iPhone 15. Following the incident, Guramatunhu promptly reported the matter to law enforcement.