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‘Wizard’ caught turning dead neighbour into goblin

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A VILLAGER was caught red-handed on top of his neighbour’s grave carrying a clay pot attempting to make the late his goblin.

Albert Ncube was caught by his late neighbour’s son Thando Luphahla on top of the grave on Monday morning.

The revelations are that Luphahla initially had a problem with his left leg and he went to seek help from a prophet known as Madzibaba Mutize who told him that there were people using his late father’s powers hence his sickness.

A desperate Luphahla then decided to appease his father’s spirit by visiting his final resting place. That is when he caught Ncube in the act.

Ncube confirmed his evil acts.

“I’m sorry for what I did. I wanted to use his late father’s powers. We also use such powers to ask for rains. I was in the company of my two other friends Morrison Ndlovu and Musa Nkomo,” he said.

Musa Nkomo

Musa Nkomo

Luphahla is still in shock.

“I am so sad because I have just discovered that the man whom I trusted is behind all my misfortunes.  He admitted to bewitching me and that he wanted to turn my late father into a goblin,” said Luphahla.

Nkomo also admitted that he was involved in the whole ritual saga but efforts to talk to Ndlovu, the other alleged partner, were fruitless as he was unavailable.

The Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha)’s president, George Kandiero said the only thing to do for the witchcraft to be averted was to investigate if the witches had managed to rouse the deceased’s spirit.

Morrison Ndlovu

Morrison Ndlovu

“We have had such situations before and the only way forward is for the victim to continue consulting the prophet so that they can know how far was the process and most of the times if the perpetrator is caught it is most likely that they were not yet done,” he said.