Moyo slammed for using Bible in desperate attempt to get at his conquerors

Former Minister of Higher and Education professor Jonathan Moyo

THE beleaguered Former Minister of Higher and Education professor Jonathan Moyo has come under attack on social media following his biblical tweet Matthew 26:52.

Moyo shared a Bible verse Matthew 26:52, and did not just end there he added a little comment: “No comment on this biblical truism!.”
Matthew 26:52 New International Version (NIV) 52 ” Put your sword back in its place ,” Jesus said to him, “for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.

One user, Bla B tweeted responded saying “Prof Moyo, if it was true that thosevwho draw the sword will die by the sword; you’d have died a long time ago.You’ve always had a sword out of its holster.Remember when MDC supporters were assassinated in 2003 ; you defended arguing Zanu PF’s right to defend its territory?”

A number of commenters quoted President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s slogans to show him that he was no longer powerful as before.

“Ukadzingwa muZanu pf muka ubike doro nekuti mudzimu yakurasha😬😬😬😬😬😬 ” tweeted God’s favourite.

“Pasi nekuisa musangano muhomwe dzavo😬😬😬😬”

“😬 pasi nemanduuuuu,” tweeted Thabi Joy.

Meanwhile, others mocked him for turning to God in his hard times.

“Mazoriverenga bhaibheri riye gwendo gwuno….well come to the bible study group..tawanda….invite your the other cabals …also tiwande,”  tweeted Collin Gwesu.

“My Jonathan, you used that other Mphoko verses to mock and it backfired on us.Thou shalt not misuse the Gospel for selfish ends for it will backfire again.

“Karnma knows your address ,totem and colour of your underwear.Its time to stop now! “tweeted one user identified  as President R.G Mugabe.

Apparently, Moyo is in exile after he was set free by the Military who had previously captured him saying they were after criminals around former President Robert Mugabe.

Source – Byo24News

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