Zimbabweans blasts Jacob Ngarivhume

Jacob Ngarivhume

OPPOSITION LEAD president Linda Masarira says she has a problem with the belief by fellow opposition leader Jacob Ngarivhume that foreign embassies in Zimbabwe are there to solve Zimbabwean challenges.

Masarira, who leads a pan-African movement, made her sentiments after Ngarivhume shared telephone numbers of Western embassies with offices in Harare and asked Zimbabweans to make calls and e-mail enquiries to the missions for their problems to be resolved.

“It’s time the diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe stood for something. Let’s inundate these embassies with calls and emails on behalf of our compatriots in prison,” Ngarivhume said, referring to MDC Alliance official Job Sikhala and MDC Alliance activist Hopewell Chin’ono who are in remand prison for publishing falsehoods.

He added: “Zimbabwe needs the world. We cannot win the fight against covid without international partners… we have tried everything. Government abuses continue. Mnagagwa goes about business as usual while innocent men rot in jail. We have diplomatic missions in Zimbabwe here to promote trade, peace, democracy and development- but we don’t see the fruits of their presence.”

Among the embassies the Transform Zimbabwe leader shared are for the U.K., Canadian, Australian, European Union and German missions in Harare.

When requested to also share the contacts for the Chinese and Russian embassies, Ngarivhume dug in and said he was sure even President Mnangagwa would not take a vaccine jab from those countries.

Masarira, however, found Ngarivhume’s pinning hope on foreign embassies unhelpful.

“(You want people to make) calls for what? Zimbabwe’s problems will be fixed by Zimbabweans not foreign embassies. Zimbabwe is a sovereign state vaNgarivhume. Isu veBikita hatina muono wakadai musandinyadzisewo kudai vaHanzvadzi!

“What are these foreign embassies supposed to do? Stop subcontracting our socioeconomic struggle to western embassies. Have you ever tried engaging with those politicians you allege are looting?” she said.

Masarira added that whenever foreigners intruded into local issues, it was always for their own interests.

“When the foreigners interfered (in the war of independence) was it for our interests or their own selfish agenda? Did US pay the white farmers as they promised in the Lancaster House agreement? Did UK clear Ian Smith’s sovereign debt (to apartheid S.A.) which is still owing to date?”

She added that she does not believe in looking West or East. “We have all the solutions right here in Zimbabwe,” she said.

Human rights defender Abigail Mupambi weighed in, suggesting that Ngarivhume could be benefiting personally from aligning with Western embassies.

“I am shocked people still trust the foreign hand in defining the Zimbabwean solution matrix. Kana iri mari idyai mega.

“After my experience in Zambia, and the Delimma of August 1 that followed l vowed never again to side with a foreigner against my own people and country,” said Mupambi, who is a civic leader.

Meanwhile, Masarira said she us expecting to play her part in the fight against COVID-19 by handing over medical equipment which includes ventilators.

“I am expecting a consignment of 115 ventilators, PPE and other hospitap consumables which the Linda Masarira Foundation is going to donate to all public referral hospitals in Zimbabwe,” she said. – Zimbabwe Voice 

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