ZUPCO bus smashed windows during Chitungwiza unrest

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A ZUPCO bus was vandalised in Chitungwiza on Saturday during running battles between the police and the MDC Youths after the police besieged the house of MDC leader Job Sikhala in the morning.

Commenting on the matter MDC Youth Leader Obey Sithole said, ” I have always raised concern on the behavior often exhibited by the police under the pretext of traffic control.

They hit many screens of vehicles using their button sticks. I urge all men and women in uniform to reform and abstain from their common destructive behavior.”

However, the Government’s Information Secretary Nick Mangwana seems to insinuate that the bus was damaged by a certain political organisation.

“ZUPCO buses are public property bought using public money and used by the commuting public.” Mangwana said.

“Vandalising the buses is not legitimate political expression but barbaric criminality. The public should express its revulsion against these barbaric acts.”

Source – Byo24