Zimbabwe govt embarks on massive urban roads rehabilitation programme

MASSIVE strides are being recorded in rehabilitating the country’s roads under the second phase of the emergency road rehabilitation programme, resulting in major facelifts for most roads in high-density suburbs.

Five months on, Harare’s road network is regaining its glamour after decades of being battered and left to deteriorate under the watch of the Harare City Council.

Works are already at full throttle, with notable progress having been recorded across the country under the second phase of the emergency road rehabilitation programme, an initiative aimed at repairing ten thousand kilometres of roads countrywide.

The initiative has been applauded by motorists in Harare, who had endured years of having to navigate through potholes daily.

“This is a good initiative by the government to rehabilitate roads, we want to thank them for repairing these roads. You see for example this road had so many potholes and thieves were taking advantage of motorists but after completion, it will be one of the best roads here.

“It is a very good thing the government has done. Our roads were totally in a bad shape. We want to thank them for such a wonderful job.”

The government is confident that it will be able to cover much ground to repair roads this year as it targets to restore the country’s road network under a budgeted thirty-four billion Zimbabwe dollar package. – ZBC

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