Zimbabwe can hold credible polls without interference, China tells the West to back off

Ambassador Wang Ke
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THE Chinese government says Zimbabwe has the capacity and ability to hold its own elections without interference from any country.

Ambassador Wang Ke, a director of the Chinese Foreign Affairs Ministry said this in the Chinese capital, Beijing while addressing senior media practitioners from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe will be holding general elections on the 23rd of August this year.

She said Western countries want to subjugate Zimbabwe for their own selfish interests.

Ambassador Wang, who is China’s former top diplomat in Tanzania, added that Zimbabwe’s Second Republic has instituted various reforms which have revamped the country’s infrastructure and also greatly improved the well-being of its citizens.

She noted that her experience in East Africa made her realise that Western nations do not want African countries to develop smoothly, but would rather want to see them suffer and also influence the running of governments on the continent.

Ambassador Wang also called for the unconditional removal of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Wang says Sino-Zimbabwe relations are a good example of bilateral synergies which other African countries can emulate.

She reiterated that the two countries’ relationship which dates back to the days of the liberation struggle has seen the two nations supporting each other at different international fora such as the United Nations General Assembly where China vetoed the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the United States of America and its allies.

Ambassador Wang revealed that China is ever ready to work with Zimbabwe to further strengthen relations that have stood the test of time.

Source – zbc