ZAOGA Founder Bishop Ezekiel Guti Dies

Ezekiel Guti
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Bishop Ezekiel Guti, a prominent Zimbabwean academic and religious leader has died, according to a statement issues by a Church member.

Mr. Guti, who reached the remarkable age of 100, was the founder of ZAOGA Forward in Faith International Ministries, which has had a significant impact both in Zimbabwe and internationally.

Bishop Guti was known for his extensive academic achievements, holding various degrees, including a PhD in Religion. He dedicated his life to preaching, teaching, and establishing Bible schools and orphanages. His ministries and fellowships have had a global reach, and he oversaw a network of over 5,000 pastors and evangelists worldwide. He was renowned for his ability to perform miracles, which earned him a special place in the hearts of many believers.

In addition to his religious contributions, Guti was actively involved in philanthropic work, supporting children’s homes, orphanages, and health service centers. He authored several books on Christian life and ministry, including notable titles such as “A Wise Man,” “Prayer of a Righteous Man,” and “The Book of Remembrance.”

Bishop Guti is survived by his wife, Eunor Guti, who also holds a significant leadership role within their church. Together, they had a child named Ezekiel Junior Guti, who was an evangelist in their ministry but passed away in 2018.

The church that Bishop Guti founded, ZAOGA FIFMI, has experienced tremendous growth and has established a presence in 106 countries worldwide. In 2010, the church celebrated its 50th anniversary, with Bishop Guti addressing a large gathering of over 50,000 believers at the National Sports Stadium in Harare, Zimbabwe.

The passing of Bishop Ezekiel Guti marks the end of an era for ZAOGA Forward in Faith International Ministries and leaves behind a legacy of spiritual leadership, academic excellence, and philanthropy.

His contributions to the church and society will be remembered and celebrated by many who were touched by his teachings and inspired by his life’s work. Our condolences go out to the Guti family and the ZAOGA FORWARD IN FAITH community during this time of mourning. May Bishop Guti rest in peace.