Hopewell Chin’ono laments well educated Zimbabweans doing Care Work in UK

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ZIMBABWEAN controversial social media influencer Hopewell Chin’ono says the increasing number of Zimbabweans with Master’s degrees resorting to care work in England due to desperation highlight the unfortunate situation faced by many educated young people in Zimbabwe.

The combination of governance failures by ZANU-PF and the opportunities presented by Brexit for English-speaking individuals from former colonies has created a situation where Zimbabweans with higher education qualifications are seeking work abroad.

Chin’ono acknowledges the desperation of these individuals and encourages them to continue studying while working as care assistants, recognizing that their skills will be highly needed in Zimbabwe in the future.

He also emphasizes the importance of alternative political thinking, calling for ideas and a plan to attain power and bring about change in Zimbabwe.

Furthermore, Chin’ono highlights the significance of the Zimbabwean diaspora in rebuilding the country and urges professionals abroad to consider taking patriotic leave from their work to contribute to the nation’s development.

He notes that even though these young Zimbabweans leave the country, they are still impacted by Zimbabwe’s political and economic situation, as they have to send money back home to support their families and deal with the consequences of the government’s actions.

Chin’ono raises concerns about the need for skilled professionals in Zimbabwe and emphasizes the importance of rebuilding the country’s capacity to produce and manufacture goods.

He also emphasizes the necessity of having competent individuals in positions of leadership, advocating for the involvement of the diaspora in structured and organized efforts to contribute to the country’s progress.

In conclusion, Hopewell Chin’ono’s message highlights the challenges faced by educated young Zimbabweans and emphasizes the need for political change, skills development, and the active involvement of the diaspora in rebuilding Zimbabwe.