EU Consular In Zimbabwe Celebrates Europe Day

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HARARE, Zimbabwe,- Every year on May 9th, the European Union (EU) and its 450 million citizens commemorate Europe Day, celebrating the European dream and the founding values encapsulated in the motto “United in Diversity.”

By Tina Musonza

Established as a peace project after World War II, the EU has thrived for over 70 years, achieving significant progress in political, economic, and social integration.

This year, Europe Day holds special significance as it coincides with the upcoming European Parliament elections, making it the second-largest democratic elections globally with over 400 million eligible voters. The celebrations also mark the official launch of the EU Global Gateway Campaign: “Silani, Tinemi, EU With You.”

The EU Ambassador, along with fellow EU Ambassadors and Honorary Consuls, will host a vibrant celebration embodying the “Team Europe” spirit. The highlight of the event is the much-anticipated “European Village,” showcasing the diverse gastronomic culture of the Union. Guests will indulge in culinary delights from Spain, Denmark, France, Poland, and more, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Complementing the festivities is the launch of the “Silani, Tinemi, EU With You” campaign, highlighting Team Europe’s initiatives aligned with Zimbabwe’s National Development Strategy-1.

With a combined budget exceeding USD 500 million, these initiatives focus on “Greener and Climate-Smart Agriculture” and “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment,” demonstrating the EU’s commitment to sustainable development and partnership with Zimbabwe.

In light of the El Niño-induced drought exacerbated by climate change, Team Europe has allocated over USD 60 million to address various aspects of the drought cycle, underscoring its support during challenging times. The campaign aims to showcase the enduring partnership between Zimbabwe and Team Europe, fostering trust and mutual respect.

The evening festivities will bring together government officials, the diplomatic community, international organizations, civil society, and representatives from the private sector, media, and cultural spheres. Through vibrant celebrations and meaningful partnerships, Europe Day reaffirms the EU’s commitment to unity, democracy, and collaboration on the global stage.

Key Points:

Europe Day commemorates the Schuman Declaration in 1950, celebrating the EU’s founding values.
The EU motto: “United in Diversity.”
European Parliament elections: June 6-9, 2024, with over 400 million eligible voters.
The EU Delegation in Harare signifies a longstanding partnership with Zimbabwe.
EU constitutes a single market providing duty-free and quota-free access for Zimbabwean products.
Over USD 900 million invested in ongoing Team Europe projects in Zimbabwe.
Over USD 500 million dedicated to “Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment” and “Greener and Climate-Smart Agriculture” initiatives.
Over USD 60 million allocated to address drought challenges under the “Greener and Climate-Smart Agriculture” initiative.