Devolution funds light up Checheche Growth Point

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CHIPINGE Rural District Council has installed 52 solar-powered street lights at Checheche Growth Point.

The street lights were installed at a total cost of $6,6 million as part of the projects funded by devolution funds availed to the local authority by Government.

The lights, which were commissioned on May 14, were supplied by a Harare-based company, Mikeledi Resources Cooperation which has signed a lease agreement with the council.

Part of the agreement will see the company maintaining the lights.

The council’s human resources and administrator, Mr Takesure Maduveko confirmed the development and said the project was funded using devolution funds.

He said the installation of the lights is among other projects which have been done by the local authority.

“We have installed solar-powered street lights along the highway for about 750 meters. The lights were also installed along some of the streets at the growth point.

“This is part of the project that the council is doing using devolution funds,” he said.

Checheche Growth Point administrator, Mr Robert Ziracha welcomed the development and said they want to light up the whole growth point.

“We hope the council will install more lights to reduce cases of mugging. We have an agreement to have them place their advertising billboards on the street lights in return for maintaining the lights,” he said.

Plans are underway by the council to commission other devolution projects such as a polyclinic and a Green Market Complex at the growth point. – Manica Post