And the 47-year-old actress and television personality feels her success in her new range comes from “expanding” the “circle” of her team to ensure all voices are heard.

Speaking at the launch event, she added: “This is where you lead humbly … It’s easy to lead with your numbers and your success but a better business move is to centre where you are weakest. Centre your blind spots. But if you don’t have the right people on your team you’re not going to ever know what those blind spots are … I showed up, I listened and I expanded the circle.”

Meanwhile, Gabrielle previously opened up about her personal clothing favourites, revealing she always makes sure that she has a sweater or a knit dress in her closet and she is obsessed with jumpsuits and a “great jacket”.

She explained: “I’m bi-coastal and travel a lot and they’re the easiest thing for me to pack whether I’m in New York or Los Angeles. A jumpsuit is so versatile. I want one for every occasion. You can dress them up or down, and they look good on every body type. Every year I splurge on a great jacket. A good coat can make any outfit look amazing when you walk into a room.”