She said: “My first ever show I went to was Method Man and Redman. I was 13. Well, we were … basically, in Kosovo, people only really listen to hip-hop.

“Going to the Method Man-Redman show was kind of my first introduction to Wu-Tang [Clan].

“And then when I went to my second show, which was 50 Cent, I then I read the book, watched the movie, learned all the words. I went fully prepared. Massive 50 Cent fan.”

Dua’s family were based in Kosovo during her childhood, before they decided to relocate to London, and the chart-topping pop star admitted that very few of her musical inspirations visited the country in south-eastern Europe when she was a child.

She explained: “For me, it was like … I wish, when I was living in Kosovo that I had the opportunity to see some of my favourite artists like Pink and Nelly Furtado … no one really came to Kosovo.”

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