US$500 maintenance from unemployed hubby

Blessing Mudzamiri
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A MUTARE woman appeared before Mutare Civil Court applying for US$500 maintenance from her unemployed ex-husband.

The man has been in and out of remand prison facing rape allegations, with the case still pending before the courts.

Petronella Jakachira and her estranged husband, Blessing Mudzamiri appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo last week.

Mudzamiri was being represented by Mr Kudzai Muraicho of Mugadza, Chinzamba and Partners Law Firm.

Ms Gumbo adjourned the matter to next week to allow Jakachira to bring proof that Mudzamiri earns US$3 000 a month.

Mr Muraicho said Jakachira’s application for maintenance was out of malice and animosity as Mudzamiri has not been working to his fullest potential as he has been in and out of remand prison.

“This application is of malice as there is animosity between the respondent and the applicant. The respondent is self-employed as a mechanic, but has not been working since last year in October.

“He was arrested for rape and is still on trial. He applied for bail and was released, but the applicant (Jakachira) filed papers of interference, which resulted in his arrest again.

However, Mudzamiri was released as there is no risk of interference.

Ever since he left remand prison, he has been trying to secure affordabe accommodation and has already paid school fees for the child at a school he can afford, showing that he cares for his child.

The applicant just wants to fix the respondent.



Petronella Jakachira

“His business collapsed when he was in remand prison. The respondent has many wives and when he was released on bail, he had outstanding rentals arrears and has been finding it difficult to continue sending his child to a luxurious school,” said Mr Muraicho.

He also said Mudzamiri is finding it difficult to communicate with Jakachira because each time they try to talk, she reports him to the police, saying he is interfering with witnesses.

In response, Jakachira said she wanted US$500 for the upkeep of her minor child as she is no longer working and is in school.

“My ex-husband has stopped maintaining his child. I had to pay the second year fees with the help of my parents and my sisters. I cannot continue burdening my parents and relatives with paying my fees as well as that of my child when her father is alive.

“I paid for the child’s third term fees and I have already paid half of her first term fees as well. I would appreciate if he can chip in as a responsible father,” said Jakachira.- Manica Post