Man sued over beer debt

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A Mutare man who took advantage of his relationship with a bar lady to borrow beer worth US$50 has been dragged to court over the debt.

The bar lady, Chipo Garisani, reportedly dated Confidence Magarasadza for 10 years, resulting in the latter having the privilege of drinking beer on credit.

However, everything turned sour when their relationship collapsed, with Magarasadza refusing to settle the outstanding debt.

Garisani and Magarasadza recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato.

Garisani told the court that she is employed as a bar lady at Bambazonke Business Centre in Marange and that Magarasadza was her boyfriend for 10 years.

She said they broke up when Magarasadza married another woman.

Garisani said Magarasadza, a carpenter, used to frequent her place of employment with his friends.

“He had become a well-known patron at that bar. He would get beer on credit and settle the account later.

“Since Magarasadza is a carpenter, I asked him to make a room divider for me. He promised to deliver it in a few days and charged me US$100 for it.

“I paid him US$50 and promised to settle the balance upon the delivery of the room divider,” said Garisani.

She said Magarasadza then drank beer worth US$25 on credit and promised to bring the money the following day, but failed to do so.

Garisani said she used her own money to cover Magarasadza’s debt as her boss wanted to do a stock take.

“I told Magarasadza that I had used my money to settle his debt and he said he would credit the money to the room divider.

“He promised to deliver the room divider the following day, but did not.

“I went to his home thrice making follow-ups on the room divider and he promised to deliver it in a week’s time.

“He came to the bar again and ordered more beer worth US$25 and promised to pay later.

“He did not pay again and this drew the ire of my boss. I tried to engage Magarasadza, but in vain.

“My boss also made a follow-up of the money at Magarasadza’s homestead, but he refused to settle the account,” she said.

Garisani said she was left with no option but to approach the courts for a reprieve.

Mr Chipato ordered Magarasadza to settle the debt before February 28 after he had told the court that he was not in a position to raise the money by February 5. – Manica Post