‘My sister dates my friends’

Some Mutare siblings are not seeing eye-to-eye over the occupation of their Hobhouse home.

This has prompted Mike Gurenje to approach the courts and apply for a protection order against his sister, Previous Gurenje.

He said Previous has been trying to evict him from the house, arguing that as the youngest sibling, she should occupy the house on her own.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato presided over the matter and granted the protection order in Mike’s favour.

Gurenje said his sister has been continuously harassing him.

He said Previous was the first to approach the courts, arguing that he was disturbing her peace.

However, Mike argued that Previous abused the protection order she acquired to provoke him until he had to make a police report against her.

“The police talked to her on the issue of abusing the protection order. She spurned the advice. She is trying to take advantage of being the last born so that she is the sole occupant of the family house.

“She insults my wife and l. At times, she assaults my wife,” said Mike.

He said Previous also brings her boyfriends to the family house and insults neighbours and relatives who try to rebuke her behaviour.

Gurenje also claimed that his sister is also having sexual relationships with his friends, adding that this is straining his friendships.

“I have stopped bringing my friends home as she ends up dating them,” said Mike.

However, Previous denied the allegations. She also said she is not forcing her brother to vacate the family house.

lnstead, she said Mike has a violent friend who always disturbs her peace and vandalises her property.

“Mike’s friend also told me that he (Mike) disclosed my HIV status to the public, a reason why I want him out of the house.

“Inasmuch as I want to keep peace with my brother, it is impossible as he does not allow me to pray, arguing that I am noisy,” she said.

However, she admitted dating her brother’s friends.

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Mike’s favour and ordered Previous not to insult, harass and disturb her brother’s peace.

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