So you decide to go on a date with someone you met online and the date just doesn’t live up to your expectations. So you cut your losses and move on. Simple right? Well not according to this person.

Twitter user Amy Bottrill took to Twitter to share a bizarre message she received from a guy who she had gone out on a date with a whole six months prior.

Her hilarious tweet begins like this, “I regret to inform you that I have just been roasted to within an inch of my life […]”

Amy Bottrill@bottrill

I regret to inform you that I have just been roasted to within an inch of my life by this man who bought me one meal in October 2018 and has apparently been seething ever since

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Believe it or not, the craziest part about the text was not that it came six months later, but its contents. It read as follows.

Offset thought public apology was ‘right’ thing to do

Offset insists it apologising to Cardi B during her concert was the right thing to do because all of their problems have also been made public.

“Do you know how disrespectful it is to have someone take you out on a date, pay for everything, drop you home, and then to never call or text that person back”.

Taken aback, Amy then responds by asking if he had been holding onto that grudge for six months. To which he responds:

“Nope. Life is too short for grudges darling. However don’t let that stop any reconciling you might’ve been considering” he texts back.

As confused as ever, Amy explains to the man that she doesn’t get why he thought she was being disrespectful since the two of them didn’t exactly hit it off on the date. She also points out that he didn’t ask to see her again.

Clearly not getting that Amy was not interested, the man than tells her that she has some making up to do. To which she responds that she’s good. Meaning she would not like to see him again.

Once again Amy declining his offer goes right over his head as the guy tells her to “blow the dust off his number” and “be nice to him”. And yet again, Amy says she’s not interested.

After he asks her why, she politely explains that their date was quite awkward and he didn’t at all seem interested in her after the date. She also tells him that the way he approached her six months later with hostility and entitlement was not exactly enduring.

This is when he starts insulting her appearance.

“To be honest, you came on our date like you was [sic] attending attending a funeral” he writes. “Quite the contrast to the ways you were dressed in the sexual arousing pictures you were delighting me with prior,” he continues.

That seemed to be all Amy could take as she stopped responding to him immediately after. Does buying someone a meal entitle you to a call, second date or text back?

Especially when the date clearly did not go well. Twitter users shared the same sentiments and shared the following tweets.

One user wrote, “1000000% confirmation you did the right thing at the end of that date”.


1,000,000% confirmation you did the right thing at the end of that date.

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While this user shared a similar account of a boyfriend who became upset after he had bought his girlfriend an orange juice right before she broke up with him.


My friend once went to the pub to break up wth a guy she’d been seeing for a couple of months. After she did it, his first reaction was “wow, I can’t believe you just say there and let me buy you an orange juice, knowing you were going to break up with me.” AN ORANGE JUICE.

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While it’s quite annoying that some people feel so entitled to things because they paid for a date, or did something nice for someone etc, this post was quite hilarious and had thousands of people cracking up at the sheer audacity.

Do you think that a second date is a given after someone’s pays for your meal?