Dating rules change with every new generation, and with this change comes new terms that further explain the types of agreements between couples, whether exclusive or not. Some terms describe how you seek love, like “shooting your shot” and “sneaky links.”

Joining the list is a new term called “relationshopping”, which is different to “relationshipping”.

Behavioural scientist and dating coach Logan Ury took to Instagram to explain the difference between the terms saying that relationshipping is what researchers call the process of going from strangers or friends to romantic partners. However, the new phenomenon – relationshopping – is different in that it describes searching for a partner as you would shop for new shoes. Logan says this is how modern dating has created the illusion that we can do comparative shopping with potential partners the same way we do items in stores.

She also added that treating our potential partners like potential purchases can get us in trouble because, unlike goods, people aren’t experimental. We cannot be understood by comparing and contrasting our parts. Should you, however, find yourself in the space where you’re trying to analyse your potential partner through the searchable goods lens, Logan suggests broadening your filter to get to the data faster and focus on “relationshipping” instead of “relationshopping”. This is due to the fact that dating apps cannot capture a person’s kindness, loyalty or growth mindset.

Sources: Instagram