‘Bad smells do turn me off’: US man at breaking point, girlfriend doesn’t use deodorant

Frustrated couple in bed

Falling in love can be a great thing. However, upon spending much time with someone, you may realise things about them that turn you off.

These things are called an ick, and it’s different for everyone. For some, it’s how they chew or talk with food in their mouth; for others, it may be how they carry themselves.

A man wrote a letter to ask for advice as he’s at his breaking point about a woman he’s dating whose culture believes in only using natural products.

The hosts of an American show called, ‘Spotlight Over The City’ read a letter from a man who needs help as he feels turned off by the woman he loves who doesn’t use deodorant. “One of your listeners called and said he wants to marry a woman, but they are experiencing issues,” one of the hosts said before playing a clip of a woman reading the letter.

The letter begins with the man venting about two main issues, “She makes great money on her own money, and she has a great place and her own everything. She’s doing well for herself as an independent woman. I don’t mind helping her, but I want a woman who doesn’t actually need my money; let me offer to help you and stop demanding like it’s something I’m supposed to do,” the letter read.

She continued reading and spoke about the second issue, which involved her hygiene. “Number two, her culture doesn’t believe in using deodorant or much of anything that is not of the earth on your body, and intimacy sometimes is challenging because bad smells do turn me off.”

After the clip played, the hosts asked if he should put a ring on it even though he didn’t like it. One of the anchors shared that this is not a compromise that will work well towards the end.

Another anchor asked why he didn’t bring this up a while back instead of waiting until now. However, one female co-host said he mentioned it passive-aggressively before, and now he’s at a point where he’s reached his limit.


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