Hubby still loves cheating wife . . . after catching her pants down with a cop

Cheating wife...Tsitsi Muyambo
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THERE was drama in Mutare’s Sakubva high-density suburb on Tuesday afternoon after a police officer was caught pants down with a married woman in the latter’s family home.

The officer — who could not be identified at the time of going to print — was trapped by the cheating woman Tsitsi Muyambo’s husband, who had lied that he was going to Chipinge on business.

Hundreds of people quickly gathered to catch a glimpse of the cheats who were locked up in Muyambo’s room. The incident happened at number 9 Zimunya Street in OTS (Old Location) at around 3pm.

Consistent with scenes of this nature, some members of the public started singing derogatory songs while some threatened to give the cheats a thorough hiding.

Caught…The unidentified cop

The Weekender had a torrid moment to enter into the house which was packed by curious people.

Muyambo hid behind a wardrobe, covering her face to avoid pictures while her boyfriend stood with shame in the same room.

Muyambo tries to hide inside a wardrobe

The Weekender tracked Muyambo’s husband, Fungai Razerera to Chisamba Police Station where his cheating wife and the police officer had been taken for safety from the angry mob.

He told The Weekender that he was having marital disputes with his wife over his small-sized manhood.

Razerera said his wife cheated because of his little organ which he said was failing to satisfy her.

He struggled to contain himself during the interview. He said he was tipped by friends and neighbours about the affair and decided to set them up.

The husband…Fungai Razerera

“I decided to fake a journey after I noticed that my wife was behaving strangely in the morning. My friends knew about this affair and they are the ones who called me when this man came to the house.  I returned in the afternoon and saw them stark naked. It was shocking,” he said.

“I think the problems started when I dated this woman whom I believe bewitched me and made me have a small manhood. It became so small that I had to tell other family members who advised me to fix it.

Razerera, however, said he loved his wife despite the cheating incident.

“I love her. She is the mother of my child. I was trying my best to fix this. I care about our marriage. I had actually given her some money for household use. I don’t know what to do. I feel I cannot divorce my wife because we have a child together but I feel disrespected by what the two did,” she said.