Goblins impregnate Gweru woman

A FAMILY from Mzila Village in Lower Gweru got a shocking report from their 19-year- old daughter when they quizzed her about who was responsible for her pregnancy and she claimed it was a goblin.

The woman, Simelokuhle Moyo, who lives with her grandmother reportedly claimed that she never slept with any man, but for the past few months always woke up with signs indicating that she had sex with someone during the night.

Moyo’s grandmother, disturbed by what she had been told, invited other family members to interrogate the woman as her claims were mind-boggling.

When the family gathered, Moyo maintained her statement claiming that she saw the weird creature in her sleep and it was responsible for her pregnancy.

Her aunt said they were amazed by her claim. “Simelokuhle’s statement have left us confused and in a dilemma. How can someone claim that she was impregnated by a goblin?

“She claims that she never had sex with a man, but we do not believe her story.

“We suspect that she just fabricated it after the boyfriend ran away or she slept with a number of men and she does not know who the real father is.”

She further revealed that as a family they had agreed to consult a traditional healer to get to the bottom of the issue because the story gave their family a bad name in the community.

Simelokuhle told the same tale to B-Metro.

“I am five months pregnant, but I do not know who impregnated me because I do not remember sleeping with any man.

“It is unfortunate that my family thinks I am telling lies.”

The Moyo family revealed that they were prepared to sell a cow and find out the truth from traditional healers and prophets.

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