Tsikamutanda threatens to kill cops

Gweru tsikamutanda
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A Gweru tsikamutanda who hogged the limelight after he stormed Gweru Magistrates’ Court in a bid to kill two magistrates and an interpreter has threatened to kill police officers.

The cops based at Nehanda Police Station mocked him when he wanted to file a report.

The self-styled tsikamutanda, Musiiwa Denhere (48), of Mkoba 20 suburb said he would not rest until the police officers who mocked him were six feet underground.

“I went to the police station to report a case of theft. Instead of helping me, the cops said I should send my goblins to collect my phone from whoever stole it.”

He said he felt disrespected by the agents of law.

“Just like every other citizen, I have the right to report matters and to be assisted by the police. Why did they bring the goblins issue, I feel so much disrespected.

“All the police officers who ridiculed me instead of helping me will be dead in less than a month. There is also a policeman who slapped me saying I wanted to waste their time and their resources. That one, I will send thunder to strike him, he must die a painful death,” he said.

A year ago, Denhere threatened Prophet Luke Chivasa of Miracle Mission Church of all Nations (MMCN) and his congregants with death, after the prophet took his goblins away in a cleansing ceremony.

Following the cleansing ceremony, Denhere said his marine spirits were haunting him demanding the three goblins, Chavasikana, Chavakoma and Chamufodya back.

The goblins were returned to Denhere a month later.