Hubby brings concubine in matrimonial bedroom

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A MARANGE woman has labelled her husband a reckless womaniser who has the guts of bedding his concubine in their bedroom.

The couple appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Innocent Bepura last Thursday, with the wife, Hazvinei Mutunga praying for a protection order. She claimed that her husband, Givemore Matsika had kicked her out of their matrimonial home to accommodate his new lover. Mutunga begged the court for a protection order after narrating how Matsika assaulted and emotionally abused her by bringing his concubine home.

She claimed that Matsika brought in a third wife because she had failed to sire children for him. She told the court that Matsika insulted her by calling her barren and had christened her his ‘labourer’ because she has no children.

“Your Worship, when I asked for my property that is in my bedroom so that he could live happily with his new found love, he said I was only his labourer whom he had used for sex and household chores. He assaulted me and ordered me to go back to my parents’ place because I have no children,” said Mutunga.

Hazvinei Mutunga

Asked by the court on whether she still loved her husband, she said she would only reconcile with him if he dumps his new wife. In his response, Matsika defended himself and told the court that Mutunga was his second wife. He said she had no reason to be jealous of his third wife as she had snatched someone else’s husband too.

“Before I married Mutunga, I had property with my first wife and I squandered all of it on this woman because she is materialistic. I sold six beasts that I had bought with my wife to maintain Mutunga’s lavish lifestyle before I married her. When I finally married her, she refused to work, claiming that she was used to living like a queen. Your Worship, I see no reason why she has to be jealous of my new wife because she also snatched me from my first wife,” he said.

He, however, told the court that he still loved Mutunga and wanted her back. Mr Bepura granted the protection order which is valid for five years to Mutunga against Matsika. He, however, advised them to seek further counselling from their relatives on whether they should separate or not since they both still loved each other. – Manica Post