Don’t get married too soon, Pokello advises

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As she turned 32 last week, socialite and businesswoman Pokello Nare had a chance to pause and reflect on her eventful life as she celebrated her birthday in style among the who’s who of the country’s showbiz scene.

Now a married mother of two, the self-confessed shoe addict probably considers herself to be wiser and smarter than she was when she had her first son, Nathan.

In an interview before last week’s birthday party, Pokello said that if she could rewind the clock and go back in time, she would advise her younger self to not rush into marriage if she had not established herself in life first.

“I would tell my 15-year-old self that it’s never that serious. Learn to love yourself and embrace your flaws. We spend too much time trying to please people who ultimately might never be pleased. Get married when you are 28+, never rush to start a family when you haven’t even established yourself mentally, spiritually and financially,” she told

Pokello’s star studded birthday bash was also notable for the meeting between former flame Stunner and current beau Elikem.

In a video circulating on social media, there seemed to be no visible animosity between the two. – B-Metro