Central locking Candle prophet emerges

John Karembera
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ANOTHER prophet, another bizarre claim!

Madzibaba John Karembera uses candles to stop infidelity in couples and alleges that he has dedicated his life to helping thousands of people preserve their marriages through what he calls “candle light” prayers.

“These candle prayers are what as a prophet I have introduced. I give you a candle which you have to light at home until it is finished and then I pray for couples, married couples with both of them present, tying them to one another that they only have sex with each other and no one else,” he said.

He claimed that his candles cause erectile dysfunction until a man goes back to his partner.

“If I activate the candles a man will not go erect and the woman won’t feel the urge to have sex,” he said.

When B-Metro asked if all the congregants were in support of these prayers he indicated that women were very much in support of these prayers but many men were not taking them very well as they contested that it wasn’t necessary to lock their manhood outside their homes.

Monica Ruvare from Karembera’s church is in support of the candle stunt because it worked for her.

“My husband used to cheat. It was too much and each time he would ask me to forgive him. Recently when he cheated I wanted to leave him but when he said he was willing to go to church and repent I forgave him. I asked for the candle light prayers and they worked,” said Ruvare.

B-Metro tried to get hold of Monica’s husband but he was not reachable to comment.