Man divorces conniving ‘prophetess’

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NAUGHTINESS cost a Bulawayo woman her marriage when she took her husband for a fool.

Now Blessing Mpofu has been dumped by her husband of one year, Munyaradzi Zhou, with whom she has a son.

A bitter Zhou came to the B-Metro offices to narrate his wife’s mischief.

“She came from work with a phone number she claimed was of a cellphone prophet. She pleaded that we consult him over the phone since that’s how he conducted business,” said Zhou.

Mpofu is said to have called the prophet about matters affecting her side of the family. They put the prophet on the speaker phone as he did his delivery much to the amusement of Zhou.

“He said things that I also knew from her side of the family and I was impressed by the prophet’s vision,” he added.

When the prophet hung up, Mpofu called her parents and told them what she and her husband had experienced.

Eager to consult on his own, Zhou called the prophet who then said his (Zhou) issue had to be done via WhatsApp text because it was complex.

“When I called he said let’s chat. When we had our chats the prophet said my ex-wife wanted to kill me, Mpofu and our child. He also claimed the child I have with my ex-wife was not mine. He also said my ex-wife had stolen Mpofu’s underwear hence she always felt itchy all over the body. I had been seeing her scratching for sometime,” he said.

Two weeks later, the truth came out in an interesting way.

“Fifty dollars was mysteriously deducted from my bank account and I went to ask at the bank. When I got my statement, there was an EcoCash transfer to the same number used by the prophet. Earlier the prophet had told me that my ex-wife was withdrawing money from my bank spiritually. I actually believed all this nonsense,” he said.

Zhou was to go back to consult the prophet but a striking resemblance of the prophet’s number and the number that the money was sent to spooked him.

“I sent a chat to the prophet but realised that the same number is the one taking money from me. I then checked it out and I realised that it was registered in my wife’s name,” he said.

Now he doesn’t want her in his life.

“I have sent her away. I want nothing to do with her,” he added.

Mpofu did not confirm or deny the allegations. Instead, she told B-Metro to go back to its source.

“Go back to him since he gave you that story. I won’t comment,” she said.