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‘He said he was single, looking for a woman’. . .hubby’s lover reveals in court

Sikhululiwe Moyo
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PHILANDERING husbands are apparently the most devious and malicious creatures to ever walk this earth!

For this ask a Bulawayo woman, Blessing Gachata, who was left in a state of shock when her husband Fungai Gachata’s alleged mistress Sikhululiwe Moyo “called her to order” saying she should not blame her for dating her husband because when he met him he lied to her that he was “single and desperately” looking for a woman to settle down with.

Blessing Gachata

Blessing Gachata

Blessing, from Lobengula West, seemed to have got more than what she had bargained for when she accused Moyo from Pumula North of being a “man snatcher” at the Bulawayo Civil Court where she was suing her for disturbing her peace.

Blessing also incensed Moyo when she claimed her husband was now neglecting his family at her instigation.

“Sikhululiwe Moyo has been having an affair with my husband Fungai Gachata. He started to verbally and physically harass me when I confronted her over the illicit affair.

“For the past two years I have been facing challenges because of Sikhululiwe to the extent that she once reported me to the police when I confronted her over her illicit affair with my husband.

“As if that is not enough she once threatened to come to my marital home to take my household property saying it was also her property since we were married to the same man. My husband is also no longer taking care of his family because of Sikhululiwe (Moyo).

“As a result of her threats and abuse I am seeking an order that stops her from verbally and emotionally abusing me,” complained Blessing.

In her defence, Moyo told Blessing that her husband was the source of their differences because when they met he lied to her that he was not married.

“I never insulted her. She is the one who is always harassing me and threatening me over the phone saying I am a monkey.

“Her husband is the source of our problems because when he asked me out he told me that he was not married and was looking for someone to settle down with,” responded Moyo, much to the chagrin of Blessing.

The presiding magistrate Adelaide Mbeure in her ruling granted a reciprocal order in which she ordered both parties not to verbally and emotionally threaten each other.

The magistrate also ordered them to pay $30 each and they would get their money back if they didn’t breach the order for the next 12 months.