Zhuwao Claims That Mnangagwa Is Looting State Coffers To Reward Military Officers

Patrick Zhuwao
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Former president Robert Mugabe’s nephew and former Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Patrick Zhuwao has alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration is looting the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe in order to reward the military officers for orchestrating his rise to power. Zhuwao who has vowed not to return to Zimbabwe because he fears for his life vowed to resist Mnangagwa’s rule and accused him of reversing the will of the people. Said Zhuwao:

The military personnel that engaged in the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous Operation Restore Legacy were authorised to keep, as spoils of robbery and piracy, whatever money, gold and diamonds that they came across.

There were no such spoils of robbery and piracy. What is in effect happening is that cash resources are being commandeered from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe ostensibly for ‘operations’ but, in reality, to appease restless elements who did not get the expected but non-existent spoils of robbery and piracy.

This is made worse by the fact that disbursements of these commandeered resources is being done on a kinsmanship basis…

The coup conspirators and terrorist junta does not have the support of most of the Zanu PF members and the generality of the Zimbabwean population.

We do not welcome the illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous regime of the coup conspirators and terrorist junta. We have no intention of legitimising that regime, let alone work with nor unite with it.

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