Tsvangirai Came Out Of ED Meeting A Relieved Man Over Four Issues

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State media columnist who writes under the pseudonym Bishop Lazarus has claimed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised to resolve four issues for former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai. The issues are the ownership of the Highlands house, Tsvangirai’s pension, medical bills and his diplomatic party.

Wrote Bishop Lazarus:

Information reaching Bishop Lazarus is that besides calling for the meeting, Tsvangirai came out of the meeting a relieved man. Four issues that were giving him sleepless nights were sorted in those few minutes.

First, Tsvangirai was having sleepless nights regarding the issue of the Highlands house. You see, that house does not belong to Save and he was just wondering kuti odii nenyaya yacho. Reports say the President told Tsvangirai that he was entitled to make another offer to buy the house on affordable terms. As you read this sermon, Government is busy looking into the issue in a bid to come up with a solution that will leave Tsvangirai with breathing space.

Second, Tsvangirai is worried about the issue concerning his pension and so he took the opportunity to inquire kuti zvichafamba sei. Reports say the President committed to look into the issue and promised to sort the issue in a way that recognises and appreciates Save’s service to the country – both as an opposition leader and as a former Prime Minister.

Third, hapenowo akanga aita mischief kwakutorera Save his diplomatic passport. Vanhu munodarirei nhai? Anyway, reports say the President told Save that he will soon get his diplomatic passport. The fourth issue that was eating Tsvangirai had to do with his medical bills.

It’s important to give a brief background regarding the issue about Tsvangirai’s medical bills. One of my trusted congregants (my church is home to both the big and small boys and so don’t get surprised) told me that when Tsvangirai was taken ill a few years ago, a third party reached out to the former President Mugabe via the now VP Chiwenga. VP Chiwenga is the one who alerted the former President that Tsvangirai had been evacuated to South Africa due to cancer of the colon. Talk of Chiwenga the soldier and Chiwenga the human being. He could have just looked the other way saying this is a political rival, but he didn’t.

Reports say the former president assigned the Chief Secretary to the Cabinet, Dr Misheck Sibanda, to foot Tsvangirai’s medical bills. The people who went to State House to collect the funds to settle the medical bills were Morgan Komichi and Tsvangirai’s two daughters. It feels so good to have congregants in higher places. Unonzwa tunhu. I saw Prophet Magaya last week vachidada naformer Zambian president Rupiah Banda and I said this boy is slowly getting into my league.

So as you can see dear congregants, Government has always been alive to Tsvangirai’s health requirements. It’s really not anyone’s fault that Prof Moyo was never in the picture.

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