Woman sets vegetables garden on the road

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A MUTARE woman recently set up a garden to block her neighbours’ access road.

This emerged at the Mutare Civil Court as Thokhozani Ngorima was applying for a peace order against Winnet Mlambo and Kenny Mlambo, as well as the couple’s minor child.

Ngorima accused the couple of harassing her and destroying her property.

Mutare magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato granted a peace order for both parties.

The quarrelsome neighbours are bound by the order to observe peace towards each other.

Ngorima had told the court that the Mlambos are in the habit of threatening and harassing her.

“They come to my house to harass and threaten me. They often destroy my property. I don’t know what I have done to them to deserve such treatment. We are just neighbours who do not even talk to each other except when they approach my house,” she said.

Ngorima also said the Mlambos have been besieging her house to issue orders on what she should and should not do.

“I have never visited their house but they are the ones who have been visiting mine to give me orders. They instruct me on what to do and what not to do. I do not like that. I do not want them on my property as I do not visit theirs,” she said.

Ngorima said she had to set up a garden in front of her yard to stop the Mlambos from accessing her property.

The couple, however, allegedly destroyed the garden.

“I made a garden in front of my yard but they have destroyed it. I am a very peaceful person but tampering with my garden was the highest level of disrespect, that’s why I opted to get a peace order,” she said.

In her response, Mlambo said she has no problem with Ngorima, but accused her of barricading their road.

“She barricaded the road by setting up a garden along it. She also put a cord of firewood in the road, just to spite us. She said we should find an alternative route to access our property,” said Mlambo.

“Each time it rains, the run-off flows into our properly. We approached the city council and they gave us the nod to create the contour in order to divert the run-off.

“Apparently, Ngorima didn’t like the idea. We tried to engage her over the issue but she refused to grant us a listening ear, and we ended up creating a contour without her blessings.

“We also put sacks full of sand to stop the run-off from getting into our property but she removed them. We were wondering who has been removing the sacks until we saw her removing them.

“We also approached the city council and asked them to talk to her so that she stops littering our yard. She comes to our yard with a bucket full of litter and dumps it at the corner.

“We tried to clean after her until we realised that it was going out of hand. We then decided to report her. As we speak, she has a ticket over the offence and I guess that’s what angered her and pushed her to approach the court,” said Mlambo.

Her husband said he was not against the peace order application, but asked for it to be binding to both parties.