Three-month jail-term for illegal tollgate

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A Mutare man who for years had been collecting money from an illegal tollgate erected on his farm which is opposite the 22 Miles tollgate was this week found guilty of contravening the country’s laws.

Padina Dzumbira appeared before Ms Perseverance Makala on Tuesday and was sentenced to three months in jail.
He was also given the option to pay a fine of US$200 by May 22, 2023.

Should he fail to pay the fine, Dzumbira will serve the jail sentence.

He was also ordered not commit a similar offence.

Last year, the 22 Miles acting tollgate supervisor, Mr Charedza Majedera saw Dzumbira allowing vehicles to by-pass the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) tollgate through a road on his property.

Mr Majedera called in the Zinara risk and loss control department to set up surveillance cameras to record evidence of the criminal offense.

In her ruling, Ms Makala said she took into consideration mitigatory factors that the convict is a married man with five minor children that require parental support.

She also considered that Dzumbira is a self-employed farmer, his family’s bread winner, as well as the fact that he did not resist arrest.

Mr Tom Nyatsuro prosecuted.

“Analyses made on the video footage obtained from the surveillance cameras on October 14, 2022; October 17, 2022; and October 25, 2022 show various motor vehicles by-passing the tollgate and passing through the accused’s homestead,” said Mr Nyatsuro.

From the video footage shown in court, Zinara was prejudiced of US$172 and nothing was recovered.