Neville Mutsvangwa Faces Additional Charges Amidst Legal Battle

Neville Mutsvangwa
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HARARE – The embattled Neville Mutsvangwa, already embroiled in legal proceedings for contravening Section 14(1) of the Bank Use Promotion and Suppression of Money Laundering Act Chapter, now faces three additional charges, including dealing in foreign currency, money laundering, and breaching telecommunications regulations.

The latest developments unfolded as Mutsvangwa was found in possession of an unlicensed Starlink router, a violation of telecommunication regulations. Allegations suggest that Mutsvangwa obstructed police entry to his premises thrice before being apprehended, highlighting the intensity of the situation.

Accompanied by Simbarashe Tichingana and Ellis Majachani, Mutsvangwa faces charges jointly in the initial counts. The trio’s alleged involvement in unauthorized money transfer activities through Mumba Money Transfer, an unregistered entity, forms the basis of these charges.

The incident unfolded when detectives from the CID Commercial Crimes Division Northern Region received intelligence indicating illegal money transfer operations conducted by Mutsvangwa’s establishment.

The subsequent investigation led to the discovery of cash transactions facilitating cross-border transfers between South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Mutsvangwa’s resistance to police entry prompted a thorough search of his premises, eventually resulting in his apprehension while hiding on his property. Police seized various electronic devices and business paraphernalia believed to be linked to the illicit activities.

Meanwhile, a separate team of detectives raided the Mumba Money office, where they observed clients engaging in money transfer services.

The arrest of Majachani at the office led to the recovery of electronic equipment and cash, further implicating Mutsvangwa and his associates.Image

In a parallel development, Mutsvangwa faces charges of contravening telecommunications regulations after authorities discovered the unauthorized use of a Starlink router for internet services at his residence.

Detectives, acting on received information, conducted a search at Mutsvangwa’s residence, leading to the confiscation of the illicit telecommunication equipment.

As legal proceedings unfold, Mutsvangwa’s case underscores the authorities’ resolve to combat financial crimes and enforce regulatory compliance in Mozambique. The investigation into Mutsvangwa’s activities remains ongoing, with implications for the broader financial landscape and telecommunications sector.