CCC insists on prosecuting fraudsters

Fadzai Mahere (Image: RT News)
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HARARE – A faction in the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) says it is in pursuit of arrest and prosecution charges of internal rival faction over electoral nomination lull.

It is alleged Fadzayi Mahere is leading a CCC faction now dubbed “ZINASU faction” made up of former University of Zimbabwe where she used to be a lecturer in the Law Department.

According to a statement from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), the party has given 41 candidates a 24-hour ultimatum to withdraw their candidacy or face arrest for civil and criminal charges.

The CCC alleges that these candidates forged signatures and submitted nomination papers under the Nelson Chamisa-led opposition party.

The CCC spokesperson, Fadzayi Mahere, stated that the party filed objections against double candidates as outlined in the Electoral Act. However, the CCC claims to have received no response from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) regarding their complaint about individuals who infiltrated their candidate selection process at the nomination court.

While there have been reports of disorganization within the CCC, the party asserts that ZEC and some disgruntled members of ZANU-PF are responsible for the setbacks and mishaps in the opposition’s nomination process.

Mahere further mentioned that the CCC has submitted an electoral appeal to the Electoral Court against the decision of the Nomination Court to accept the nomination forms of the alleged fraudulent double candidates, whose forms carried forged signatures.

Out of the 41 individuals accused, 20 had submitted nomination papers for the National Assembly under the CCC, while the others were vying for local authority seats.

Additionally, Mahere stated that criminal complaints have been filed against all the fraudulent candidates under reference number RRB No. 5585161 at ZRP Kopje.

If the accused candidates withdraw their candidature within 24 hours, the CCC has indicated that they will not proceed with the civil and criminal proceedings against them.

Please note that the information provided is based on the text you provided, and my knowledge is up to September 2021. The current developments and updates regarding this specific situation may have changed since then.

Analysts says attempts to place charges and prosecution of the accused will be difficult for a party without a constitution and membership register.