Brother threatens to kill sister over inheritance

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A MUTARE man is threatening to kill his sister for demanding a share of their late parents’ estate.

The brother had to enlist the services of a n’anga to try and silence her.

This emerged at the Mutare Magistrates Civil Court where Mary Pindu appeared before Mr Xavier Chipato, applying for a protection order against her brother, John Mudzi.

Pindu said she received a call on June 1, with the caller instructing her to stop pestering her brother about the estate issue as he is the father figure of the family.

“I received a phone call at night and the number showed that it belonged to my father, but the voice that spoke was not his.

“The man introduced himself as a n’anga from Buhera. He asked me why I was insisting that our late parents’ estate should be shared equally, yet I was already married.

“He also demanded to know why I was persistently asking my brother about my share of the estate, adding that l should be permanently silenced for that,” she said.

Pindu also said prior to this incident, Mudzi threatened her at the High Court where the estate matter was being heard.

“He sternly warned me against pursuing the issue. He said that one of us will die because of this issue. I am now living in fear for my life because of his chilling threats,” said Pindu.

Pindu said she does not want her brother to call or text her anymore as it is affecting her social well-being.

However, Mudzi denied all the allegations.

He said Pindu called him instead, congratulating him on his birthday.

“I did not call her. She called me saying happy birthday brother and we talked a bit. I do not remember calling her and at home there is no other man except me. If she insists that I called her, then we should go to Econet and get my call history.

“I did not call her saying any of those things. Was the voice mine? She is just making false allegations and I do not know what she hopes to achieve,” said Mudzi.

Mudzi also said he was perplexed to receive a provocative message from her sister on June 4 when he had not offended her in anyway.

“She sent me a message that I do not understand even to this day,” said Mudzi.

However, Pindu had a call recording for the June 1 call.

Mr Chipato granted the protection order in Pindu’s favour.