Love ceases to exist

Frustrated couple in bed

After a Mutare man allegedly caught his wife red-handed with another man and opted for a divorce, the woman has refused to let go.

The woman, Precious Mabhadha, is now threatening Chiratidzo Muranda and visiting his place of residence with bouncers to assault him.

This has prompted Muranda to seek recourse from Mutare Magistrates Civil Court.

Muranda said his estranged wife has been sending him threats through text messages after he caught her red-handed with another man.

“She is sending me threatening messages. She says I will pay dearly for divorcing her. I caught her red-handed with another man and divorced her. We are in the process of finalising the divorce at the High Court,” said Muranda.

He said he left his matrimonial home and is now staying with his mother.

However, Mabhadha is making regular visits to his new place of residence and workplace to cause mayhem.

“I left our matrimonial house to stay with my mother to avoid any confrontations with her. However, she started stalking me with her lover, threatening to beat me up.

“She is even coming to my workplace and my mother’s house. I feel unsafe because of her endless threats,” he said.

Muranda also said Mabhadha has enlisted the services of bouncers to harass him.

“I work at Bako Flea Market in Sakubva and she also works there. She visits my stall to harass me with her boyfriend. She wants me to pay her for divorcing her,” he said.

In response, Mabhadha denied stalking her estranged husband.

“I am not doing anything of that sort. He never caught me with another man. He is making this up so that he can dump me. He is the one who is calling me a ritualist, saying I am making money out of rituals,” she said.

Mabhadha also stated that Muranda was trying to counter her application for a protection order as she has also applied for a protection order against him.

Her application was set for hearing the following day.

“He made this application after I told him that I was applying for a protection order against him. I have had enough of his harassment and insults.

“I applied for my own protection order and tomorrow we are coming back to court for the matter to be heard. This protection order is just a counter application. He is angry because I have moved on and I am not begging him to take me back,” said Mabhadha.

“I do not even know where he is currently staying because I haven’t been paying attention to what he is doing. He came to my workplace recently and spat on it. Fortunately, I wasn’t around but the people I work with told me. He is a liar,” she said.

Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, granted a dual protection order to the couple.