‘Ex-wife caused my predicament’

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A MUTARE man blames his ex-wife for making him lose his car wash business and as a result, he has vowed to pay US$30 for the upkeep of his three minor children.

This emerged at the Mutare Magistrates Civil Court where Simbizo Chipenzi was applying for a protection order against her ex-husband, Nelson Vhurandi; as well as US$100 maintenance for her children.

“I have been paying for the children’s school fees, as well as feeding and clothing them. I cannot continue providing for them alone when their father is enjoying his money alone,” said Chipenzi.

She also said Vhurandi earns US$400 per month.

“He owns a car-wash. He earns more than US$400 a month, but has been failing to send me even a cent for the children’s upkeep. I need about US$135 for the children’s school fees. The US$100 I am asking for is not enough to cater for all their needs. I will chip in to cover the other needs as I am the children’s mother,” said Chipenzi.

However, Vhurandi said his car wash closed shop after Chipenzi came there to cause a scene.

“I am not employed. I am currently staying with my father who pays my rent. I can only promise to pay her US$30 as I am not employed. Life has been tough. The car wash that I had opened closed due to her behaviour.

“She would cause a scene each time she visited my work station. I was operating a car wash at a house that I was renting even before we parted ways.

“The estate agents evicted me because of this woman’s wild behaviour, There was too much fighting between us. I do not know where she expects me to get the money when she is the one who caused all this,” he said.

Vhurandi also said he is paying his children’s school fees after selling his car wash equipment.

“I am trying to look after my children. I had to sell all the car wash equipment since it was lying idle. I managed to pay for two children’s school fees. For the third one, I could not because I did not have the money,” he said.

Vhurandi also said his ex-wife visits his parents’ house to cause scenes.

“She regularly comes to my parents’ house to insult me. She shouts obscenities while outside the house. I have lost respect among our neighbours. I do not want her near our house anymore,” he said.

In response, Chipenzi insisted that Vhurandi still runs the car wash, adding that he was lying to evade paying maintenance.

“I have evidence that he owns the car wash. I know where it is located and I have been there on several occasions. We are fighting because he is failing to look after his own children,” she said.

The presiding magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo ordered Vhurandi to pay US$90 as maintenance.

Mr Xavier Chipato, who was presiding over the protection order case, granted the order in Chipenzi’s favour. – Manica Post

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