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‘Sad my marriage ended while hers is blissful’

Rosemary Mabvuku
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A MUTARE man accuses his sister-in-law of bewitching his wife, resulting in the breakdown of their marriage.

Rosemary Mabvuku recently appeared before Mutare magistrate, Ms Purity Gumbo, applying for a peace order against her brother-in-law, Tendaiwo Makate.

Mabvuku said she no longer knows peace because of Tendaiwo.

“We have been staying together at our in-laws’ Chikanga house for some time. Peace eluded the house when my brother-in-law’s wife deserted him.

“He accuses me of using juju on his wife, resulting in her leaving. He grabs everything that I buy.

“If I buy a hoe and leaves it outside, he takes it and claims ownership. He even takes my clothes when l hang them out to dry.

“Last week I saw him wearing my socks. I asked him why he was doing that and he told me that I will not enjoy any peace until I vacate his parents’ house. My husband inherited the house, but saw it convenient for everyone to stay there as a family,” said Mabvuku.

She said Tendaiwo is also in the habit of destroying her crops.

“I once planted some vegetables in the garden and when I woke up the following day there was nothing. He had destroyed them. When I confronted him, he told me that I did not bring any soil to the house, and therefore was not entitled to any land. He ended up assaulting me for questioning him,” said Mabvuku.

She said Tendaiwo also accuses her of witchcraft.

“He says I am a witch as I hail from Chipinge.

“He said I have been using witchcraft on my husband. My husband is a teacher and he is rarely at home.

“When I tell him what happens during his absence, he says we need to vacate the house, but currently our finances are low, so we cannot afford to pay rentals elsewhere. I am sick and tired of this endless abuse,” said Mabvuku.

“He divorced his wife because of their marital issues, but now he is accusing me of forcing her to leave.

“He claims that his wife dreamt of me on three different occasions, he says I was practising witchcraft on them in those dreams.

“He is lazy and incapable of taking care of his family. The wife would survive on hand-outs. I would give her food hand-outs until I closed my door on them,” said Mabvuku.

“He always wants to fix me. When he uses the toilet, he does not flush. At one point I asked one of his friends to flush the toilet and Tendaiwo took me to task over that.

“I stay with my children, so I cannot leave the toilet dirty. I end up cleaning after him,” she said.

However, Makate denied the allegations.

“I have never insulted her. She talks too much. There are many of us at our house in Chikanga.

“How then does she know that I am the one who messes the toilet? She is lying. She is making up the baseless and false accusations,” said Tendaiwo

He admitted that his brother (Mabvuku’s husband) inherited the house.

“Her husband inherited the house, so why would I want them to leave? Her husband is the youngest in the family. She is lying that I want her out of the house,” he said.

Tendaiwo, however, said Mabvuku is behind his failed marriage.

“They would quarrel everyday and my wife left because of that. I also think she used witchcraft on her because my wife dreamt of her on several occasions.

“I am not happy that my marriage ended while hers is still flourishing. I am very devastated, but I would never do anything to harm her,” said Tendaiwo.

Ms Gumbo granted the peace order in Mabvuku’s favour.