Peace order for labelling landlord an owl

Tracey Maenzanise
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A Sakubva woman stands accused of having an affair with her tenant’s husband, resulting in acrimony between the two parties.

Tracey Maenzanise has since applied for a peace order against Stella Sigauke after she allegedly labelled her an owl.

Maenzanise is the landlord’s cousin and is the one who collects rentals from the Sigauke and other tenants.

She said Sigauke accuses her of having an affair with her husband.

“We stay at the same house in OTS section of Sakubva. The house belongs to my cousin, but I am the one who is in charge. She is making my life unbearable by accusing me of having an affaeir with her husband.

“At one time, she followed me as I was going to play netball. I asked her where she was going and she said she was going to the clinic. Surprisingly, we passed the clinic and I asked her again where she was going.

“That’s when she revealed that she suspected that l was going to meet her husband since his phone had rang as I left the house,” said Maenzanise.

She also said Sigauke accuses her of practicing witchcraft.

“She said I am a blood sucking witch who is very blood thirsty. She also accused me of plotting to wipe out her whole family so that I can be with her husband.

“However, I have nothing to do with her husband. We just greet each other when we meet, nothing else. I do not know why she thinks I want to ruin her marriage.

“She has been calling me an owl. She says I have owls that disturb people’s sleep in our neighbourhood. When my grandchildren come to visit me, she also call them owls. If she has a problem with me, she should face me alone and not drag my grandchildren into our disputes,” she said.

Maenzanise also said she now fears for her life as Siguake always threatens her.

“I reported the matter to the police and they advised me to look for alternative accommodation to avoid further exchange of words. I was at the verge of beating her up due to her endless provocations.

“I have been staying at my friend’s house for the past two weeks to avoid confrontations with her. I have resorted to apply for a peace order against her.

“I want to live in peace. I do not even benefit from the rentals I collect from them,” she her.

However, Sigauke denied all the allegations.

She said she has never accused Maenzanise of having an affair with her husband.

“These are false allegations. I did not do anything of that sort. She is just angry because I refused to give her the money for rent. Her cousin told me to hand over the money to her directly,” said Sigauke.

She said she asked her husband what is going on between him and Maenzanise when she received the peace order summons.

“I asked my husband what is going on when I received the summons and he said he does not to get involved in women’s issues. I don’t know what she is talking about.

“She is applying for a peace order so that I will be forced to vacate the house. She wants a puppet at that house, someone she can easily manipulate. Yet I only ought to be loyal to my landlord,” said Sigauke.

The presiding magistrate, Mr Xavier Chipato, granted the peace order in Maenzanise’s favour. – Manica Post