Zimbabwe’s blueberry producers target Chinese market

Clarence Mwale - Zimbabwe’s blueberry
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HARARE – After exporting fresh citruses to China, blueberry producers in Zimbabwe are aiming to ship the nutritious berries to the vast Chinese market.

China presents a lucrative market for Zimbabwe’s blueberries, said Clarence Mwale, CEO of Fair-Mark, a company that supports exporters in meeting sourcing requirements for international markets.

As a major blueberry exporter in the Southern Africa region, Zimbabwe has traditionally exported the berries to the EU and Britain.

“We were very interested to see that there is a huge demand for Zimbabwean citrus in China, we also got very good response for Zimbabwean blueberries into China,” Mwale told Xinhua Friday following a visit to China.

“We are hoping that we get approval for blueberries soon enough so that we can start moving blueberries.”

Last year Zimbabwe signed a trade protocol with China for the export of citruses, including sweet oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, limes and bitter oranges.