Chamisa’s CCC sues Sengezo Tsabangu over his mugshot

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Sengezo Tshabangu, the self-proclaimed interim secretary-general of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), is currently embroiled in a legal dispute, accused of stealing intellectual property. Tshabangu’s actions, which include recalling CCC Members of Parliament (MPs) and councillors, asserting they are no longer party members, have led to internal disagreements within the CCC.

Contrary to Tshabangu’s claims, other CCC officials, including presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, argue that Tshabangu is not a legitimate party member, and furthermore, the party does not have a position for a Secretary-General.

The CCC Deputy Spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, has revealed that the party has taken legal action against Tshabangu for alleged infringement of their intellectual property rights. Siziba provided an update, stating that Tshabangu, the alleged impostor, has responded to the High Court application, and the matter is expected to be heard in the High Court of Zimbabwe. Additionally, the CCC’s legal representative, Obey Shava, has engaged with the Parliament and the Ministry of Local Government to inform them of the lawsuit against Tshabangu.

In response to the legal action, Tshabangu’s spokesperson, Khalipani Phugeni, mentioned not having received any court documents related to the lawsuit. However, he did not cast doubt on Siziba’s claims, acknowledging the possibility that Tshabangu had opposed the application without Phugeni’s awareness.

Previously, recalled MPs had taken the matter to the High Court, contending that Tshabangu lacked the authority to recall them. Unfortunately, their application was rejected by the High Court, which stated that the MPs had not provided sufficient evidence to substantiate Tshabangu’s lack of authority. The court also noted that the MPs should have included the party in their case to allow the party to testify against Tshabangu’s claim to the Secretary-General position.

Source – pindula