Zimbabwean actress signs with leading celebrity fashion brand

Tadiwa Bopoto
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The fashion industry has been rapidly evolving other the past few years with big and small brands alike actively seeking to enter new markets.

Not to be outdone leading Harare fashion House, HL Classiques is making a strategic move to diversify its sales strategy in order tap into an increasingly viable demographic of young trendy fashionistas. HLC, popular among Harare socialites has seen a recent upsurge in interest and sales from younger customers particularly high among university and colleges students. This is a significant shift from the brand’s traditional base and as such the company felt it needed to establish itself in that niche by providing ‘affordable luxury,’ products that are both desirable and affordable, allowing new consumers to exercise brand awareness and buying power in this new retail sphere.

In order to reflect this change HL Classique has recently signed Wadiwa Wepamoyo leading actress Noku to be its new brand ambassador taking over from Mrs Kay, DJ Stavo’s wife. Noku, real name Tadiwa Bopoto (21) is a medical student at the Midlands State University who became an overnight celebrity after she took a leading role in a popular online drama which premiered on Youtube in February 2020.

Tadiwa who has been described as beauty with brains as she is currently a second-year medical student at MSU, is a perfect ambassador for the brand as she embodies the essence of HL Classique, built on the desire to empower beautiful, hardworking women to go out and conquer the world. HLC believes that fashion can play a significant role in promoting upward social mobility among women.

“Noku is excited to be our new brand ambassador and we all cannot wait for you to see our upcoming projects. ” –

Source – Tari MK