Nicki Minaj: Critics are waiting to see my fall

Nicki Minaj
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Rap star Nicki Minaj has claimed that her critics are waiting to see her “fall”.

The 35-year-old star has claimed that some people hope she is soon usurped as the most popular female rapper in the music industry.

Nicki – who was involved in a confrontation with Cardi B during New York Fashion Week – told Wonderland magazine’s Autumn 2018 issue: “I’ve been at the top of this totem pole for a very long time. Sometimes people just want to see someone who’s been at the top fall, just to see if it can happen.”

The ‘Barbie Dreams’ hitmaker said that the mentality reflects the “sadistic part of being human”.

Nicki argued that most people “wouldn’t be able to deal with it, my level of ridicule”.

She added: “Most people mentally aren’t strong enough to handle this pressure.”

Earlier this week, British model Naomi Campbell admitted she was “disappointed” by Nicki and Cardi’s recent fight.

The world-famous duo argued at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons bash at New York Fashion Week, with Cardi even throwing her shoe at Nicki – and Naomi has revealed she was disappointed to hear about the dramatic incident.

She said: “It was called an icon party, but there were no icons there. Kate [Moss] and I were at home on the couch watching TV … I was disappointed [by the fight].”

Naomi also felt the fight between the bitter rivals was against the spirit of what music is supposed to represent.

She explained: “I don’t want to see women of colour fight. I don’t want to see women fight period. Not there, not that.

“It’s all music. There’s no division of music. Music’s for everybody, there’s no discrimination, so I felt very disappointed.”