WATCH: Malia Obama rocks in indie band’s ‘Walking on Air’ music video

Malia Obama has dabbled in entertainment again. America’s former first daughter rocks out while lip syncing in a new music video for a Boston-based band New Dakotas.

Wearing a black beanie and an over-sized jersey, “playing” a harmonica and bopping around, Malia jams to “Walking on Air,”  which was released on 20 September. Malia . who is a second-year sophomore, attends Harvard University with the four band members.

New Dakota’s is not a well-known band, with only a few thousand streams on Spotify, reports BBC.

Malia has been entertainment-world oriented for some time, despite attempting to stay out of its spotlight.

According to reports, the 20-year-old previously worked as a production assistant for Halle Berry’s sci-fi drama “Extant,” and she interned for now-disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein’s company soon after her father left office. She spent her gap year after high school working as an intern on intern on HBO’s “Girls”.

“Walking on Air”, however, is Malia’s music video debut.

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