Top 10 Study Destinations for Sub-Saharan African Students

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Sub-Saharan African students are increasingly looking to study abroad, with 4.8% choosing to do so compared to the global average of 2.7%, according to a report by Campus France. With numerous options available, here are the top 10 destinations for these students:

1. France France tops the list, with 14% of sub-Saharan African students choosing it as their study destination. In the 2021-2022 academic year, nearly 92,000 students from the region were enrolled in French universities, attracted by the country’s academic reputation and French-speaking environment.

2. United States The United States is the second most popular choice, hosting 10% of the 430,000 degree-seeking study-abroad students from sub-Saharan Africa. The US has seen a 20% increase in sub-Saharan African students over five years, with 41,700 currently enrolled.

3. Canada Canada has become a favored destination, hosting 8,300 sub-Saharan students in 2020. Known for its high-quality education and welcoming environment, Canada continues to attract more students from the region.

4. South Africa South Africa ranks third, with 30,300 sub-Saharan African students studying there. Despite a 14% decrease since 2015, it remains a popular choice due to its multicultural environment and quality education system.

5. United Kingdom The UK hosts 27,800 sub-Saharan students, though this number has decreased by 9% since 2015, primarily due to a 27% drop in Nigerian students. Nevertheless, the UK remains a sought-after destination for its world-class education and diverse student community.

6. Germany Germany is the second-most-popular European destination for sub-Saharan African students, with 18,900 students enrolled. Known for its research excellence and practical orientation, Germany’s universities attract many looking for a hands-on education.

7. Morocco Morocco has seen a significant rise in sub-Saharan students, with 5,300 studying there in 2020. The country’s rich culture, affordable living costs, and quality education make it an attractive destination.

8. Turkey Turkey has experienced the strongest growth, with a 183% increase in sub-Saharan students over five years. In 2020, it hosted 19,700 sub-Saharan students, making it the seventh most popular destination.

9. Portugal Portugal ranks as the third-most-popular European Union destination for sub-Saharan African students, with 14,900 enrolled. Portugal’s universities are known for their international outlook and modern facilities.

10. Other European Countries Other European countries such as Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands are also gaining popularity among sub-Saharan African students. These nations offer vibrant student life, rich cultural heritage, and high-quality education.

These destinations highlight the diverse options available for sub-Saharan African students seeking to enhance their educational opportunities abroad.

Source: Business Inder Africa