Teachers report for duty

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Most teachers this Tuesday reported for duty as they heed the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education and some teachers unions’ call to give the ongoing dialogue between government and the Apex council a chance and not embark on industrial action.

On Monday, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Professor Paul Mavima appealed to educators to give dialogue a chance, pledging the government’s commitment in operationalising non-monetary incentives and economic initiatives for teachers, in a development that saw the majority of their representative unions calling off a planned industrial action.

In a snap survey conducted by the State media in Harare, an average of 80 percent of teachers reported for duty and conducted normal lessons.

The ZBC News also managed to speak to some students at Highfield High 1 and Mutasa Primary School in Highfield who confirmed the presence of most teachers at their schools.

During Monday’s meeting, seven out of the nine teachers unions opted to give dialogue a chance, while the other two unions: the Zimbabwe Teachers Association (ZIMTA) and the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) insisted workers affiliated to their unions would not report for duty.

Teachers are demanding a minimum salary of $1733, up from $414.