Zupco to import buses duty free

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The suspension of duty on public service buses for Zupco is valid for 12 months with effect from yesterday.

According to the latest Government Gazette, Finance minister Mthuli Ncube in consultation with the minister of Local Government July Moyo said public service buses that enjoy the rebate have a sitting capacity of at least 60 passengers.

“The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Private) Limited as an approved importer shall, for a period of 12 months with effect from 1 January, 2021, be allowed to import a maximum of 250 public service buses under suspension of duty as provided for in this section.

“The approved importer shall, when effecting entry on importation, or on removal from bond of a public service bus under suspension, submit with the relevant bill of entry a declaration signed by him or her, to the effect that the public service bus is to be used for transporting persons in line with the approved importer’s public transportation business,” read part of the notice.

In a bid to ensure that the facility would not be abused, authorities set stringent measures to outlaw the disposal of public service buses.

“An approved importer shall not dispose of any public service bus cleared under suspension of duty unless a written authority of the (Zimbabwe Revenue Authority) commissioner is obtained or payment of the duty suspended in accordance with this section has been made,” further read the notice.

The notice said public service buses shall be admitted under suspension of duty only if the approved importer has the requisite papers.

The requisite papers include “a written authority from the minister of Local Government and Public Works indicating the make, model, engine number and chassis number of the public transport service bus being imported; and a valid tax clearance certificate and proof of registration in terms of the Revenue Authority Act”.

The suspension of duty on coaches’ imports for Zupco shows that there is no going back to the chaos of kombis as an option to urban transport.

Moyo had earlier indicated that there was no going back on the government decision to remove kombis from the road.

THE government has cleared Zupco to import at least 250 public service buses duty free as authorities seek to improve urban transport following a ban on unregistered commuter omnibuses.

Source – dailynews